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We are proud to present to you Australia’s most beautiful Pearls, Opals and Pink Diamonds.

Australian opals, pink diamonds and South Sea pearls are the gems that have made the Land Down Under well-known worldwide as a trove of rare and wondrous precious stones. These gems are also what have always motivated us at Volle Jewellery to create beautiful, uniquely crafted jewellery for men and women.

For years, Volle has been dedicated to bringing out the best of Australia’s rarest and most beautiful stones, by intricately crafting them into exquisite pieces of jewellery. Our pieces range from the simple and delicate to the bold and daring, so no matter what your style preference may be, there will always be a perfect, elegant selection of jewellery for you here. Designed by a prominent jeweller in Australia, you can be certain that every piece is a unique and stunning sight to behold.

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Stunning Pearls,
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Our award-winning jewellery designer has created many beautiful, priceless pieces of pearl jewellery and opal jewellery in Sydney, and has developed a great sense of artistry in designing them.

Our jewellery is created to accentuate the beauty of Australia’s finest gems, while also bringing out a unique character and design to every piece. Our designer has, through the years, mastered the art of bringing together timelessness, elegance and style to our jewellery so that those who own them can enjoy these pieces for a lifetime and even pass them on to the next generation.

Experienced & Award-Winning Pearl, Opal & Pink Diamond Sydney Jewellers. We provide only the finest, genuine Australian pink diamonds, opals and hand-picked premium pearls.

You can select them unset to have our expert designer create your own personal piece if you so desire. Personal pieces are wonderful to give as gifts, or as mementos or heirlooms. They not only look stunning, but you can be sure that no other piece looks exactly like your own.

This is one of the many factors that differentiate Volle Jewellery from other jewellery stores in Sydney CBD. We take great measures to give you only the best, from selecting the finest gems to creating personal pieces exclusively for you. Whether you’re planning to give jewellery as gifts for family, friends or for yourself, we’re sure to have something for you. Take a look at our exquisite collection now.