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Loose Pink Diamonds

Experience a combination of elegance and rarity with loose natural pink diamonds from Volle Jewellery’s collection. These gems captivate the eye with their pink hues that range from soft and pastel to vivid and rich. Each of Volle’s loose Argyle diamonds are timeless and sophisticated pieces that will look perfectly at home in your collection.

The History of Loose Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds symbolise wealth, power and love, and have long been a desirable gemstone for their connections to royalty. For centuries, natural loose pink diamonds have been found on the clothes of kings and queens, combining romance, beauty and glamour.  Nowadays, pink diamond loose stones are highly sought after by jewellery collectors for their history, rarity and elegance.

Each gemstone in the Volle Jewellery collection has its own story to tell, carrying on the legacy of exquisite beauty that loose pink diamonds have become known for

How Our Loose Pink Diamonds are Carved

Volle offers a collection of loose pink diamonds formed with precision and craftsmanship. After being handpicked for their quality and shine, the gems are expertly cut and finely polished to a loose pink diamond you will be proud to wear on special occasions, or simply display as part of your own collection.

The Authenticity of Our Loose Argyle Pink Diamonds

At Volle, we select only the finest loose pink Argyle diamonds for our collection. Our loose pink diamonds are sourced from the prestigious Argyle mine in Australia, which is renowned for producing gems of exceptional quality and rarity.

Why Choose Volle’s Pink Diamond Collection?

Choosing one of Volle’s loose Argyle diamonds for your collection is an investment in the beauty, elegance and legacy of pink diamonds. Representing a statement piece, these gems are highly collectible and timelessly stylish.

Our collection includes a wide array of loose Argyle diamonds for sale. Representing history, culture and romance, our pink diamonds are elegant, sophisticated and perfect for any occasion. Discover the appeal of these rare gemstones by adding one of Volle’s loose pink diamonds to your jewellery collection. 

Visit our Sydney showroom for a closer look or to buy loose pink diamonds from our collection.

Argyle Pink Diamonds & Loose Stones: Frequently Asked Questions