Pink Diamonds
Our PInk diamonds are
among the rarest of precious
stones in the world

Rare, Genuine and Superbly Elegant Australian Pink Diamonds

Opulent. Striking. Spectacular. The Australian pink diamond embodies all these qualities and more.

These diamonds are among the rarest of precious stones in the world because of their limited and dwindling sources. The rarity and absolute beauty that these blushing gems possess are the reasons why they are highly valued in jewellery stores in Sydney CBD and sought after by many. Their fine and distinct qualities are also what fuel our passion to create exquisite jewellery that people can treasure forever.

Australian Pink Diamonds: Beauty Borne in Mystery

Thousands of kilometres across the vast desert interior of the Great Southern Land lies the timeless and rugged mountain range known as the Kimberleys. A world famous diamond producing area, it is the home of the rarest and most sought after diamond of all, The Pink Diamond.


These precious stones are amongst nature’s most beautiful and most valuable creations. Born in the spectacular landscape of the Kimberley region of Western Australia, these natural minerals possess a colour and energy that is truly unique

and breathtaking. They can be as clear and bright as regular diamonds, but possess the added attraction of an irresistible blush.


Diamonds are formed over many millions of years from carbon deep underground. Their crystal forms are carried to the earth’s surface by volcanic eruptions deep within the earth’s crust.

They can come in a wonderful array of pink hues, including those leaning towards salmon and lilac. Exactly how these gemstones come to possess their brilliant pink hue is largely unknown, adding further to their mystery and allure.

Take Elegance to the Next Level with Our Diamond Jewellery

If you’re looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery that combines femininity, mystery and understated elegance, then our collection of pink diamond jewellery will be perfect for you. We have exquisite pieces drenched in diamonds, both white and pink, that add just the right touch of style and sophistication to your wardrobe. To perfectly complement your diamond pieces, you can also wear them with some of our pearl jewellery in Sydney, or our opal jewellery expertly crafted by award-winning opal Sydney jewellers.

Our jewellery make for exquisite heirlooms because of their intricate detailing, high value and rarity. They also make truly precious gifts to your loved ones, as they aptly symbolise the innocence of true love.

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