Opals Australia
Around 95 per cent
of the world’s opals are
found in Australia

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Beautiful Opal Jewellery in Sydney Made With only Genuine Australian Opals

Volle Jewellery is proud to be one of the premier opal stores in Sydney, providing a wide range of exquisite opal pieces alongside our Australian pink diamond and pearl jewellery collections. Our opal shop features this mysterious and alluring stone at its best, flanked with diamonds and other precious stones, or simply polished to perfection.

Nature’s chameleon of a thousand colours, the opal is often viewed as a shimmering stone of love and hope. Some say that it contains the essence of every other gem instilled into one, the earth’s fireworks, the ‘Queen of Gems’.


Around 95 per cent of the world’s opals are found in Australia, in the vast and hostile outback. Water from what was once a vast inland sea seeped down through natural faults in the earth.

Rich in silica from the thick layers of sandstone in the area, the water collected in voids and fissures beneath the earth’s surface, many of which were formed from the remains of prehistoric land and sea creatures. As the water was absorbed back into the clay, the coloured silica hardened over millions of years to become the

precious gemstones so sought after by generations of miners, who were captivated by their beauty and the riches that they offer.


Australian opals come in different types and are found in varying areas in the Land Down Under. The White variety mainly comes from South Australia, and glimmers with a rainbow of colours shining amidst a backdrop of white stone.

The Boulder variety is found in Queensland and features a kaleidoscope of intense colours. The Black comes mainly from the Lightning Ridge area in New South Wales, and is the most sought after as it is the rarest kind. It has a very mysterious look about it, with colours shining brilliantly against a deep, dark backdrop that is as mysterious as the night sky.

Stunning Jewellery Pieces Experty Crafted by Opal Sydney Jewellers

Capture that mystery and magnificence for yourself by visiting our opal jewellery shops in Sydney. Volle Jewellery features this mesmerising gem in a myriad of exquisite earrings, pendants, rings, brooches and bracelets designed by our esteemed opal Sydney jewellers. We also have amazing carvings and sizeable specimens made from this exquisite gemstone.

No other stone on earth exudes the same aura of mystery and spellbinding allure as the beautiful, colourful opal. Own a piece of Australia’s finest and rarest stones today, visit our opal store in Sydney to choose from our dazzling collection of jewellery, from opals and pearls to pink diamonds in Sydney.

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