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Having a hard time looking for the right Australian opal earrings? Your search for expertly crafted opal jewellery earrings ends here at Vollé Jewellery. As one of the best Australian opal jewellery supplier sand designers in Sydney, we offer alluring sets of opal earrings and studs that would surely enliven anyone’s fashion sense and complement an outfit.

Our collection which ranges from stunning Australian opal studs to exquisite Australian opal teardrop earrings can be found at our Sydney boutiques. As we adhere to the standards of top-grade jewellery trends and styles, know that you will only receive the best pieces of opal jewellery from us.

Whether your personal style leans toward casual elegance or glamorous opulence, Vollé Jewellery is sure to have the perfect pair of opal earrings and studs for you. These earrings are designed from simple to elaborate, featuring delicate drops and dazzling, gem-adorned studs in gold, silver, or rose gold. Gorgeously designed and beautifully crafted, these earrings make for a fantastic finishing touch to your outfits.

No matter what kind of opal grading or type, we make sure that the beauty and radiance of these mystical stones are brought out to complement the wearer.

Earring Types


Earring studs make for a gorgeous display for opals, making these gemstones the main attraction of the jewellery piece. They’re subtle touches but they add a lot to your overall look.


You’ll catch eyes and turn heads when wearing opal teardrop earrings because of their bold design and stunning look. They’re perfect for when you want to be the look of the party.


As these beautiful gemstones delicately dangle from your ear, you’ll be obsessed with just how much sophistication and elegance these opal dangle earrings can add to your look.

Types of Opals

White Opals

White opal earrings are perfect for when you want an added small touch of elegance without the jewellery piece stealing the show. These opals make for subtle but sophisticated pairs of earrings.

Boulder Opals

Boulder opal earrings are utterly gorgeous jewellery pieces that are sure to complement any outfit. Finely crafted and lovingly made, these earrings boast wonderful design and impeccable attention to detail.

Black Opals

Black opal earrings feature the rarest and most valuable of all opals, and as such, make for stunning and mesmerizing jewellery pieces. These earrings are sure to take your look to fantastic heights.

Opal Colors

Our Australian opal earrings come in a wide array of different colors, such as blue, green, aquamarine, fire red, and mint. Many of our earrings feature an alluring mixture of these colors which create a vibrant and hypnotizing display. With Volle Jewellery, we design our earrings for the opal colors to truly shine and make the main attraction of the jewellery piece. Who wouldn’t be hypnotized by such beautiful displays of colors in these gemstones?

Take a look at some of our earrings below or come in store to see our whole range.

Opal Earrings Sydney: Frequently asked questions

  • Can you wear opal earrings every day?

    Definitely! Opal earrings are perfect for everyday wear, thanks to their unique beauty and versatility. Opals are not only stunning but also durable enough for regular use, making them an excellent choice for daily accessories. Of course, it’s still important to protect them from extreme temperatures, chemicals and hard knocks to ensure that you can enjoy them for years to come. Store your opal earrings in a soft pouch or jewellery box when not in use.

  • What colour opal is most valuable?

    When it comes to determining the value of a solid opal, colour stands out as the primary factor. Among the spectrum of opal hues, red is considered the most valuable. Solid opals, in their entirely natural state without any amalgamation with other materials, hold substantial worth. The intensity and richness of the red hue significantly elevate an opal’s value, making vibrant and luminous red opals the most sought-after and valuable specimens in the market.

  • Does real solid opal fade?

    Solid opal won’t fade in normal circumstances. These gemstones are known for their durability and long-lasting colour when cared for properly.

  • What are the different types of solid opals?

    Opal earrings are made from natural Australian opals that fall under three types:

    • Black opals, which feature a dark body colour that ranges from deep grey to black. This darker base amplifies the opal’s natural play-of-colour, often resulting in exceptionally vibrant and striking colour displays.
    • White opals, which have a lighter body tone, ranging from translucent to opaque with a white or very white background. While the play-of-colour in white opals is beautiful, it’s generally more subtle compared to black opals due to their lighter background.

    Boulder opals, which are particularly unique as they are formed within the fissures of ironstone boulders. They are characterised by their rich and varied colours, with the ironstone often visible on the back of the stone.

  • How do you source your opals?

    Volle Jewellery sources its opals from a variety of Australian mines, including Coober Pedy and Andamooka in South Australia, Lightning Ridge and White Cliffs in NSW and a number of mines in south-west Queensland.

  • How do I take care of my opal earrings?

    Taking care of your jewellery is always important, and this is equally important for opal earrings. Here are some tips to help you care for your opal earrings:

    • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. Opals are sensitive to sudden temperature changes, so try to avoid wearing your opal earrings in situations where they might be exposed to extreme heat or cold.
    • Keep away from chemicals: Avoid contact with harsh chemicals, such as household cleaners, perfumes and hairsprays, as they can harm the opal’s surface.
    • Avoid physical impact: Be cautious to not drop your opal earrings and avoid wearing them during high-impact activities, like exercising.
    • Gentle cleaning: Clean your opals with a soft, damp cloth. Following cleaning, make sure to dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth.
    • Proper storage: When not in use, store your opal earrings separately from other jewellery to avoid scratches. A soft cloth pouch or a padded jewellery box is ideal.

    For more information, refer to our opal care guide.

  • Can you put opal in water?

    Genuine opals can be put in water without issue. In fact, it is important to keep your opals moisturised from time to time. You can wet a small q tip with water and use it to rub your opal so that you can continue to enjoy it for many decades.

    While solid opal jewellery technically can be worn in water,  in order to avoid conditions that could potentially damage the opal, it’s best to remove your opal jewellery before taking a shower or swimming.   

    Book an appointment with Volle Jewellery today to find your perfect pair of opal earrings. While you’re in our Sydney store, be sure to browse our range of pink diamond and pearl earrings, too.