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Elegant Pendants Crafted from Genuine South Sea Pearls

Elevate your style and embrace the enchanting charm of Volle’s pearl pendants that come in gorgeously unique settings. Take a look at some of our single pearl pendant necklaces below or come in store to see our whole range.

Own a piece of South Sea pearl jewellery

Whether you’re looking for a timeless silver pearl pendant necklace or a modern black pearl pendant, each piece in our collection is carefully crafted and curated to offer you a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Discover the magic and elegance of pearl pendants and embrace the opportunity to own a truly distinctive piece that reflects your individual style and appreciation for the extraordinary.


Discover our extensive range of pearl pendants and select the perfect piece that reflects your individual style and taste.


Whether you come to us with a custom design in mind or have a pre-prepared piece, our skilled artisans and designers are here to bring your unique vision to life.

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Volle is a well-established family business. Our team is made up of expert staff members from all over the world, and together we speak over 10 different languages. Our multilingual staff will provide exceptionally personalised, one-on-one service to help you find the perfect pearl pendant. Book your appointment now and let us guide you through the experience.

We also have in store gemologists and award winning jewellery designers – making our jewellery store the best choice to visit in the Sydney CBD.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the different types of pearls?

    The four different types of pearls used in pearl pendants are:

    • Freshwater Pearls: Freshwater pearls are cultivated in freshwater environments, such as lakes and rivers. They are known for their affordability and versatility. These pearls often have irregular shapes and come in various sizes, ranging from small seed pearls to larger baroque pearls. Freshwater pearls display a wide array of colours, including white, pink, lavender, and peach.
    • Akoya Pearls: Akoya pearls are renowned for their classic elegance and are primarily cultivated in Japan and China. They are typically round and have a smooth surface, making them highly desirable for jewellery. Akoya pearls have a creamy white or ivory colour and possess a high lustre, giving them a brilliant and reflective shine. Their size generally ranges from 6 to 8 millimetres, although larger specimens can be found.
    • Tahitian Pearls: Tahitian pearls, also known as black pearls, are cultivated in French Polynesia and are typically used for black pearl jewellery. They are treasured for their extraordinary range of dark and exotic colours, including black, grey, blue, green, and purple. Tahitian pearls have a larger average size compared to other pearl types, ranging from 8 to 16 millimetres.
    • South Sea Pearls: There are three types of South Sea Pearls: Black Tahitian, Australian White and Gold South Sea Pearls from the Philippines. These pearls are celebrated for their exceptional size and luxurious appeal. South Sea pearls are among the largest pearls available, with sizes ranging from 9 to 20 millimetres. They exhibit a radiant, satin-like lustre and are renowned for their natural colours, including creamy white, silver, and golden hues. The larger size and exceptional quality of South Sea pearls contribute to their reputation as some of the most coveted pearls in the world.
  • How are pearls formed?

    Pearls are formed inside certain species of mollusks, such as oysters and mussels, as a defence mechanism against irritants. When a foreign object, such as a grain of sand or parasite, enters the mollusk, it secretes layers of nacre (a combination of calcium carbonate and protein) around the irritant, gradually forming a pearl.

    You can read more about how pearls are made here.

  • Are cultured pearls real pearls?

    Absolutely – cultured pearls are real pearls. They are formed through a process called pearl cultivation, where humans intentionally introduce an irritant into a mollusk to stimulate the pearl-forming process. Cultured pearls have the same organic composition as natural pearls, with the only difference being the introduction of the irritant by human intervention.

  • How are pearls graded?

    Pearls are graded based on several factors, including their size, shape, lustre, surface quality, colour, and matching. The grading criteria may vary slightly depending on the type of pearl. The grading system allows for a standardised assessment of a pearl’s quality and helps determine its value in the market.

  • Where do you find your pearls?

    Our pearl pendants are sourced from reputable pearl farms in Australia, French Polynesia and Philippines.

  • How do I take care of my pearl pendants?

    To ensure the longevity and beauty of your pearl jewellery, it is essential to handle and care for them properly. This is true for both gold pearl pendants and silver pearl pendants. Avoid exposing your pearls to harsh chemicals, perfumes, or lotions, as they can damage the delicate surface. Clean your pearl pendants gently with a soft cloth after each wearing to remove any oils or residue. Store them separately from other jewellery to prevent scratching, and avoid exposing them to excessive heat or prolonged sunlight.

    Read our guide for caring for pearls to find out more.

  • Are pearl pendants in style?

    Absolutely! Pearls are like diamonds – they never go out of style. Large pearl pendants are a timeless and versatile accessory that have been cherished for centuries, making them a true symbol of elegance and refinement. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday attire, baroque pearl pendants effortlessly elevate any look. Their innate ability to complement various fashion trends and styles ensures that they remain a coveted choice for generations to come.

  • What do pearl pendants go with?

    Pearl pendants possess a magical ability to enhance and complement a wide range of outfits and occasions. Their natural beauty and neutral tones make them incredibly easy to pair with both casual and formal ensembles. For a classic and timeless look, wear a pearl pendant with a little black dress or a crisp white blouse. Want to add a touch of grace to your work attire? Opt for a mother of pearl pendant to exude effortless elegance. When it comes to occasions, pearl pendants are perfect for weddings, parties, and social gatherings, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.