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Loose Opals

Experience the mesmerising world of loose opals with a piece from Volle’s unique collection. Loose opal gemstones are an exquisite piece of nature, offering intriguing patterns and dazzling play of colour. From the richness of loose black opals, to the depth of loose boulder opals and the calmness of a loose white opal, our display has it all.

The Beauty and Rarity of Opals

One of the most alluring aspects of an opal loose stone is its natural beauty. Formed in silica-rich waters of rock formations, opals are an opulent gemstone that can take millions of years to fully develop. 

Opals are extremely rare gemstones due to their prolonged formation process. Additionally, they are only found in a few areas of the world, with the majority of opals being mined in Australia. Please see our article for more information on why Australia is ideal for opal formation.

Authenticity and Quality Assurance

Buying a loose opal gemstone is a significant investment in a piece of the earth’s natural beauty. Volle seeks to provide genuine loose opals of the highest quality. All our pieces are supplied with a certificate of authenticity that details the origins of our loose opals.

Why Choose Volle Jewellery for Loose Opals?

Volle is one of Australia’s premier jewellers, with years of experience in sourcing the finest loose opals, composite opals and other gemstones, and using them to produce intricate artforms. Our staff provide unmatched expertise and passion in the field, committing to the highest standards of quality and customer service. Our Sydney showroom is the ideal place to visit for either your first jewellery piece or one to add to your collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different types of loose opals available?

    Volle offers a range of exquisite loose opals from its collection. These pieces are spread amongst a number of different types of opals.

    Loose boulder opals are formed within ironstone boulders and have a strong, dark base. The opal’s rich colour play creates sharp contrast and makes the boulder opal a striking piece to look at.

    The loose white opal is known for its light body colours. They are the defining characteristic of the white opal, giving it a softer appearance than other opal types.

    A loose black opal is a highly desirable form of the gemstone with a background that ranges from a very dark grey to a jet black. This enhances the colour play of the opal across the spectrum, creating a piece of art that dazzles with its elegance.

  • Are your loose opals ethically sourced?

    At Volle, we are committed to ethically and sustainably sourcing gemstones for our pieces. We work closely with suppliers at all stages of the mining process to ensure the quality of the finished piece is matched by the responsibility of our practices.

  • How can I determine the quality of a loose opal?

    The brightness and play of colour in the opal are all important factors in determining the quality of the opal. Please speak to one of Volle’s experts if you require assistance in grading and reviewing these qualities in an opal you may be considering.

  • Can loose opals be used for custom jewellery?

    Our striking range of loose opals can be turned into a personalised jewellery piece. It is recommended that you speak to one of Volle’s skilled jewellers to design a piece that brings your vision to life.

  • How should I care for my loose opal collection?

    Maintaining a loose opal involves careful handling and storage. Regular cleaning using a soft, damp cloth will help to preserve the lustre of the opal. Storing the loose opal in a dry place away from direct sunlight is also ideal. For more information on caring for your loose opal, please refer to our opal care guide.

  • What makes Australian opals unique?

    Australia is the most opal-rich nation in the world, as the geological conditions are ideal for the gemstone to form. Australian opals are highly regarded for their quality and variety, making them the perfect addition to any jewellery collection, no matter its size.