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Taking care of Opals

Caring For Your Opals

Treat your Opals with care as you would with any fine jewellery.

Here is some practical advice to look after your Opals, so they can fulfil you with their inner beauty time over time.

  1. Take Opal rings and bracelets off before doing any washing, swimming, gardening or when doing housework. Solid Opals love water, but moisture can make settings become loose.
  2. Opals never get chipped naturally. If you hit, scratch or knock your Opals strongly and at a specific angle, they may crack or chip like any other gemstone. Solid Inlay Opal rings in particular need special attention.
  3. Avoid using harsh chemicals or ultrasonic jewellery cleaner to clean them.
  4. Once a year have a jewellery professional verify that the Opal on your claw-setting ring is securely mounted.
  5. If your Opal needs a polish, take it to a qualified jeweller who can provide a professional polish.
  6. Doublet and Triplet Opals should never be immersed into water.