There are three basic types
of Australian
Types of Australian Opals

Types of Natural Solid Opal

There are three basic types of Australian opal:

  • White Opals

    White Opals

    They contain a play of colour that emerges from a milky sandstone background in a dazzling display. They are mainly found in South Australia and make up 90 % of Australia’s opal product. The famous Coober Pedy and Mintabie mines are best known for their high quality white opals.

  • Boulder Opals

    Boulder Opals

    They are a rare and beautiful variety, is mainly found scattered through a 300 kilometre wide belt in south-western Queensland. Naturally attached to the host rock in which it was formed, the colour intensity in boulder opal is without equal. Gaps in ironstone provided the space for this dramatic opal’s formation and it is often favoured by designers for its brilliant colours and free form shape.

  • Black Opal

    Black Opal

    They are the most coveted opal of all, comes from the Lightning Ridge area in north New South Wales. The Black Opal is nature’s presentation stone, its dark body providing a perfect background on which to display its dazzling array of rippling colour changes. Brilliant flashes of vivid colour leap from its black velvet background, making it the rarest and most valuable of opals.

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