Rare and magnificent
South Sea Pearls are the
most sought after pearls
Pearl Pendants

Types of Pearls

White South Sea Pearls – Pearls in Australia

are produced by the “Pinctada Maxima” oyster which lives naturally in the azure waters off the north west coast of Australia. Australian South Sea Pearls are recognized as the best in the world, as the warm, nutrient rich waters of our oceans produce the whitest and most beautifully lustrous pearls. These natural treasures or Australian South Sea Pearls, have set the benchmark for the White South Sea Pearling industry, their size, shape and awesome lustre putting them in a class of their own.

Apart from White South Sea Pearls, other type of pearls are Tahitian Pearls, Akoya Pearls and Freshwater Pearls.

Tahitian Pearls

These mystical Pearls present naturally stunning, mysterious dark colours and are highly prized because of their rarity. They are grown in lagoons and Atolls of French Polynesia.

Akoya Pearls

This pearls come from a different species of oyster that produces pearls sized between 3mm to 10mm, with a gleaming white luster and often a beautiful strong pink overtone.

Freshwater Pearls

They are cultured in lakes from mussels, but although beautiful, are generally not as valuable as sea water pearls. They are grown in mainly Chinese Farms from mussels. A mussel can produce over 20 pearls in one cycle in contrast to South Sea Pearls in which an oyster usually will produce only one pearl. Freshwater pearl sizes vary from 4mm up to 12mm. They range in a series of stunning colours from white, through pink, peach and purple.

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Gold South Sea Pearls

born from the “Pinctada Maxima” oyster in the enchanting waters of the South Sea, exude elegance and opulence. Their warm, golden hue and impressive size make them truly exceptional. Rare and coveted, these pearls reflect light with mesmerising luster.