2019 Summer Jewellery Trends

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Summer is almost upon us, and with the change of seasons comes a change in trends. This year, jewellery designers are being inspired by their childhoods, with many featuring fun and whimsical designs that shine in a burst of colour. With a mix of quirky and nostalgic, this season’s must-have designs range from colour pendants to stylish florals and everything in between.


Statement Earrings

As the weather heats up, it’s all about bold statement earrings that upstyle any outfit. This season, we’re seeing bulkier shapes in all colours of the rainbow, designed to add personality and vivacity to any outfit. Add some life to your everyday workwear or breathe some unique life into evening attire with these daring accessories.

You can get the look with pieces like:


These gorgeous cuff earrings featuring pink diamonds.



These vivacious opal earrings that channel a lightning storm.



These dazzling pearl earrings that let you spread your wings.


Coloured enamel was the name of the game in 2019 and we’re pleased to see that this rainbow trend is sticking around. Think vivid blues, bright greens, and flashing reds as you indulge in unique shapes and colours that let you experiment as you mix and match. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold, as previously mismatched colours are now seen as funky and fresh. This is particularly good news for opal-lovers as these stunning jewels naturally incorporate a range of colours that light up your life.

Get the look with:


These vivacious opal rings that are perfect for any fashionista.



This vivid opal pendant that captures all the colours in the rainbow.


These opal cuffs that are both stylish and daring.


This amazing piece that has a colour twist on the traditional string of pearls.


Chain links

From the runway to the streets, chain-detailed jewellery is experiencing a revival (we’re looking at you Louis Vuitton). Whether you choose to showcase this design in chokers, necklaces or bracelets, this accessory is fast becoming a contemporary classic. Pair chain links with a simple monochromatic outfit to make them really stand out, or add to a casual tee with jeans to instantly give you a rocker edge.

Rock on and get the look with:



This dainty yet bold opal chain link bracelet.

Pearl Pieces

The string of white pearls is a classic look for any lady, but this traditional piece has gotten a modern upgrade as we head into summer 2019. Think drop earrings with asymmetrical silhouettes, baroque shapes that hearken the ocean’s waves, and shimmering colours that add hidden depth to any piece of jewellery.

Add a touch of elegance and refinement as you get the look with:



This shimmering pearl pendant that sports deep blues, greens and purples when it catches the light.


These pearl drop earrings that combine old-school glamour with modern design.


This baroque-style pearl necklace that showcases the natural beauty of the sea.


The celestial theme is one that cycles through fashion trends, and we’re glad to see that it’s back this summer. Starry-eyed fashion-lovers will adore this movement, which sees references to the stars, moon and other celestial bodies. As our technology continues to push us to further heights a la SpaceX, you can get onboard the next trip to the stars with pieces that are out of this world.

Head to the heavens and get the look with:



This astronomical ring that’s reminiscent of a fallen comet.


This starry pink diamond pendant that will always point the way home.


From the heavens above to the earth beneath our feet, florals are the next big trend you can expect this summer. With flowers of all shapes and sizes adorning models on the runway, we’re seeing a gorgeous combination of colour and form that heightens our link to Mother Earth.

Get in touch with your inner goddess and get the look with:



This delicate opal brooch the channels a rainbow-hued rose.


This quirky pearl ring that captures the light of a sunflower in bloom.


This pink diamond ring that has all the beauty of an exotic orchid.

Stay on trend with the latest styles of Summer 2019 and explore our range of jewellery today. Alternatively, get in touch with the team at Volle and we’ll help you find the perfect piece.

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