3 Secrets to Keeping Your Engagement Ring Safe and Sparkling

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11 Mar 2015 | No Comments

An engagement ring is not just an expensive piece of jewellery; it’s a precious symbol of love. So make sure that this stunning and valuable piece of jewellery never gets damaged, dirty or lost. Most of all, be sure that it never loses its brilliance and beauty.

How do you take care of an engagement ring and keep it looking its very best? Below are three simple tips to keeping engagement rings, from simple solitaire rings to your exquisite Australian pink diamond rings, sparkling and magnificent at all times.

Clean it regularly.

To keep your ring looking new, make sure to clean it regularly. Avoid the build-up of grime and dirt by gently washing your jewellery using a soft bristled brush and soaking it in warm water. Also, make sure to visit your jeweller once or twice a year for an annual check-up. From sapphire sparklers and diamond engagement rings, to opals and pearl jewellery, no matter what type of precious jewellery you possess, have it checked and cleaned by your jewellery maker in Sydney to ensure that the integrity of your sparkler is not compromised. Your jeweller can also adjust loose setting so that the precious stone cannot be dislodged easily.

Remove and store it properly.

The simplest way to keep your sparkler clean and grime-free is to remove it when you are doing household chores, like cooking, washing or cleaning. But never take it off while washing your hands as it could easily slip down the drain. Be sure to put it in a secure location, like a jewellery box or in your kitchen drawer. Never leave it on your kitchen sink, bathroom counter or someplace where it could easily be forgotten. Also, before exercising, playing sports or even moving furniture at home, make sure to remove your ring to avoid damage. Blunt impact can warp the prong or disfigure the shank.

Hide and secure it smartly.

Your shiny and sparkly engagement ring can attract the attention of muggers. So if you are travelling, save yourself the inconvenience of going to the hotel’s safe by leaving your precious sparkler safe and secure at home. But if you want to bring this with you while travelling, then make sure to put it in a secure location. And when you go out, leave it behind in a safety deposit box or just swivel it so the centre stone setting is hidden from view and only the shank (which resembles a simple wedding band) is exposed.

Whether you wear a simple one diamond sparkler or a ring frosted with pink diamonds, following these simple tips will definitely help you keep your engagement ring safe and looking wonderful for many years.

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