Common Misconceptions Men Have about Their Jewellery

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Jewellery can make a bold statement, which is why some men shy away from wearing it. Men also often don’t know what jewellery to wear, where to wear it, or how to wear it – which leads to them avoiding it altogether. But the right piece of men’s jewellery can be the ideal accompaniment to any stylish man’s outfit.

Still not convinced? Here are some common misconceptions men have about their jewellery, and why they couldn’t be further from the truth!



Gemstones are only for women

People tend to think of jewellery for men in extremes: either flashy and blingy or plain and boring. Men’s pearls and opals add a touch of class and elegance to pieces like rings, necklaces and cufflinks for men, without being overly showy. With stone colours ranging from bold red and electric blue to bright turquoise and refined silver and gold, it’s all about finding a gemstone to suit your personal style. Add a hint of sophistication by matching unique pieces with different outfits, and make a statement while maintaining an elegant and smart look.


Jewellery shouldn’t be worn in a professional setting

While it’s probably not a good idea to head up a boardroom meeting wearing a chunky dollar-sign chain and a skull ring, the right piece of men’s jewellery pairs beautifully with business attire even in formal settings. Think a distinguished pair of opal cufflinks with a well-tailored suit or a gold, silver or bronze ring with tasteful inlaid gems for a look that shows you’re professional and effortlessly stylish all at once.


Men’s jewellery has to be plain

It’s all too common for men to think that the jewellery they wear has to be plain and understated so it doesn’t attract too much attention. The reality is that, just like women’s jewellery, there are times and places for different types of men’s jewellery.

You wouldn’t wear thongs and a t-shirt to a job interview – you’d wear a suit or business attire that’s appropriate for the job you’re applying for. The same rule applies to men’s jewellery. Casual bracelets or necklaces work for everyday occasions, while precious gemstones and more ornate pieces are best paired with an elegant suit for a special occasion.

Men’s jewellery is limited to wedding rings

Browse a specialist jeweller’s range and you’ll soon realise that men’s jewellery extends far beyond a plain gold or silver wedding ring. At Volle, for example, we have a range of exquisite men’s cufflinks on offer, as well as a selection of tasteful rings for modern and classic men. Our men’s jewellery is crafted from the finest opals, pearls and pink diamonds in Australia. Pink diamonds can go from brown to orange tones, which means we have a range of colour options available, as well as simple pieces and more elaborate designs to suit different styles.


Treat yourself to a stylish new piece of men’s jewellery by visiting us in-store at either of our two Sydney CBD locations. Our team of gemologists and jewellery designers are here to help you find your ideal piece.

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