Diamond Rings: Your Guide To Understanding The Different Cuts

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Here at Volle, we believe that your ring should represent who you are and your own personal aesthetic. That’s why we custom-create rings in a range of different cuts and styles. Take a look at some of our most popular cuts below to see what would suit you best.


Round Brilliant



The round brilliant cut is a classic for a reason. Boasting 58 facets for ultimate light refraction, this gorgeous circular shape casts endless sparkles. If you’re a girl who loves the finer things in life, then the round brilliant cut is perfect for you.




With its step-cut facets and large table, the emerald cut is ideal for diamonds that have a high grade of clarity. Rather than the sparkle of a brilliant cut, an emerald cut gives an almost “hall of mirrors” effect as the light and dark plans interact. This gorgeous shape is also very flattering, elongating the hand and making your fingers look long and graceful.




First introduced by the Asscher Brothers in Holland, this cut is also known as a square emerald cut. This unique cut was popular in the 20s and later in the 60s when Elizabeth Taylor received one from her husband, however it’s not as common these days. Choose the Asscher cut if you’re into old-school glamour and style.




The oval cut with its even, perfectly symmetrical design and elongated shape flatters any hand, giving the illusion of length. It is usually cut in the brilliant faceting style so it rivals the round cut for sparkle–and can make a smaller diamond appear larger due to its long shape.




The pear or “teardrop” cut is a cross between an oval and a Marquise cut and perfect for those who love coloured diamonds. The shape holds and reflects colour more brightly than other cuts, while the unique shape can often make smaller carat stones look larger!


The princess cut was first seen in 1980 and is an incredibly popular choice for engagement rings. Due to its many step and brilliant-cut facets, this particular styles gives maximum sparkle and looks good on almost any style of ring.




If you want a cut that shows of your large pink diamond, then a cushion cut is the idea choice for you. Featuring softened corners and large facets, this vintage-style sparkler is perfect for larger stones.




The radiant cut is all about maximising colour refraction. With 70 facets across both the crown and pavilion, this cut will definitely catch everyone’s attention. If you’re looking for something that sits between a cushion and princess cut, then this is the diamond for you.




Said to be inspired by the Marquise de Pompadour’s smile, this elegant cut was first commissioned by Louise XIV. This highly-unusual cut helps make hands look long and graceful, while also giving the jewel the illusion of being larger than it is.




This sweet and unique cut is sure to draw the attention of your coworkers. The heart cut is one of the most uncommon diamond cuts in the world because it can be a difficult one to wear without seeming overly sweet. Try setting it in a simple metal band for something elegant yet romantic.


Inspired by these gorgeous diamonds? Take a look through our other diamond rings or get in touch to find out how we can custom-create the perfect ring.

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