Go Bold with Baroque Pearls

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If you prefer personality over perfection and have a flair for the bold, then baroque pearls are likely to be a great choice for you when it comes to finding your next fine jewellery piece. We take a look at what these unusual pearls are, why they are so special and what to look for when buying baroque pearl jewellery in Sydney.


Each pearl has a unique character

The single determining feature of a baroque pearl is that they are irregular in shape: whether that be elongated, pinched, dented or asymmetrical in nature. A pearl that is almost spherical or uniform in shape but is asymmetrical is known as semi-baroque. These unique forms can result in extra interest and character that you may not find as easily in a flawless round pearl. Freshwater baroque pearls in particular can produce a veritable rainbow of colours in their body-colour, overtone and orient. As a result, you can find natural blue, green and even pink pearls in Australia in a baroque shape.


Inspiring truly individual design

Baroque pearls lend themselves perfectly to spectacular jewellery designs. Their individual shapes create fluid forms that curve beautifully into gold and white gold settings, often complemented by other gemstones. There is nothing quite as breathtaking as a baroque pearl and opal pendant, or a set of pearl and diamond stud earrings. Best of all, you’ll know that due to the one-off shape of baroque pearls, the jewellery design you choose is truly the only one of its kind. It’s for this reason that baroque pearls are so beloved by those with their own unique sense of style.


What to look for in a baroque pearl  

When shopping for pearls in Sydney you may be wondering about which characteristics you should be looking out for. As with spherical pearls, the most valuable baroque pearls are generally South Sea and Tahitian pearls due to their size and incredible lustre. Seek out pearls that reflect the light with clarity and a gorgeous lustre, rather than a milky appearance. Look for a smooth surface without scratches or dents. Finally, remember that the true beauty of a baroque pearl is in its character, and chances are you will know upon seeing the right pearl or pearl jewellery piece that it’s perfect for you.


Vollé Jewellery offers a large range of loose baroque pearls as well as beautiful pearl specimens set into local designs. Visit our Queen Victoria Building or York Street studios today to discover our full selection.

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