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Pink Diamonds

Grading and Extreme Rarity


Diamonds are generally graded by the four C’s method of colour, cut, carat and clarity. But with their unique and stunning pink hues, the colour of Argyle Pink Diamonds is paramount and it is the most important factor for grading. They can display different pink hues like Orangey Pink, Pink and Purplish Pink. In each of these categories the more intense, deeper and more vivid the colour, the more rare and more valuable the diamond. As such they are graded as Fancy Light, through Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep, Fancy Vivid and Fancy Red.


Extreme Rarity

Such beauty is of course almost impossibly rare and such rarity has a limit. In 2019 the Argyle mine will close forever, exhausted of its stocks of these superb stones. Today, there are probably less than 500 of these “Argyle Tender quality” pink diamonds remaining.

Major diamond mines all over the world are now shutting down operations at a steady rate. At Argyle itself, the average annual production has decreased dramatically, while the international demand for Pink Diamonds continues to spiral, ever upwards.

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