All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go: How fine jewellery sales bounced back after COVID-19

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15 May 2021 | No Comments

While travel bans remain, Australians are turning to other means of treating ourselves: buying jewellery. Naturally, jewellery sales declined last year as the world locked down. However, the shift to online shopping for fine jewellery (largely influenced by the pandemic) has made way for a staggering increase in jewellery sales in Australia, and across the world.

Here’s why:

1. Life’s Too Short Not to Get Married
We owe a large portion of Australian jewellery sales to the wedding industry. Whilst the majority weddings were postponed in the second half of 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, once those eased again, we saw a large influx of both weddings and marriage proposals. As couples are saving money in other areas, with less social gatherings and travel expenses, many have decided to spend more on engagement weddings rings made with the rarest coloured diamonds or pink diamonds.

2. Online Jewellery Sales Offer Competitive Pricing
Ibis World projected a boost in online sales of fine jewellery and watches in Australia for the next five years. Online retail of jewellery also meant a good cost-cutting measure to labour and operational expenses in physical stores giving jewellers an opportunity to offer competitive pricing for fine jewellery.

3. Australia’s Rarest Pink Diamond Has Limited Stocks
The Argyle Pink Diamond mine, Australia’s last operational mine, closed its doors in 2020 after 37 years. This means that the number of pink and coloured diamonds is now limited more than ever.  Volle Jewellery currently still has a limited supply of these rare gems.

4. Jewellery as a Saving Grace For COVID-19 Fashion
With fewer excuses to go out and dress up this past year, you may have found your nice pants and heels gathering dust in the cupboard. Although, we still love the excuse to dress up from head to shoulder for Zoom work meetings or that Zoom date on Friday night. Adding a piece of fine jewellery such as a pair of earrings or a pendant made from opals, pink diamonds or pearls is an easy way to dress up your outfit for the camera (even if you are still wearing pyjama pants).

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