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World-Class Opal, Pearl & Pink Diamond Jewellery Stores in QVB

Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is Sydney’s most breathtaking, prestigious shopping centre in the heart of the central business district. It is a landmark rich in history, designed by George McRae and completed in 1898, replacing the original Sydney markets.

QVB holds a Romanesque architecture featuring domes with exquisite stained glass windows and extensive wood panelling. Built in honour of the second longest reigning British monarch and the Grand Mother of Europe Queen Victoria, this beautiful 19th century building continues to retain its turn-of-the-century charm.

This splendid establishment fills an entire city block bound by George, Market, York and Druitt Streets. It houses 180 of Sydney’s most fashionable boutiques, delightful cafés and world-class jewellery stores like Vollé Jewellery.

Visit Vollé and find beautiful collections of Sydney pearls, opals and pink diamond jewellery. Made from the rarest and finest gemstones, our enchanting jewellery pieces symbolise beauty, sophistication and impeccable taste.

View Our Stunning Collection of Australian Pink Diamonds, Pearls & Opals

As one of the finest jewellery stores in QVB, Vollé offers the most comprehensive stock in pink Argyle diamond, pearl and opal jewellery in Sydney. Our outstanding range of jewellery pieces feature modern and classic designs, all with the highest quality standards. These exquisite collections of precious stones are ideal as personal gifts, mementos and heirlooms.

From Sydney pearls and opals to pink Argyle diamonds, every piece is expertly crafted to bring out the uniqueness and natural beauty of Australia’s choicest gems. Our wide range of Australian pink diamonds, pearls and opal jewellery not only look bewitching, but also complement the beauty of the wearer.

Buy Authentic Pearl, Pink Diamond & Opal Jewellery in Sydney at Vollé

Give your special someone the finest Sydney pearls, pink diamonds and opals, contact us at (02) 9261 2938. Better yet, visit our shop at QVB Building 11/455 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 and take a closer look at our impressive collection of genuine and expertly crafted jewellery pieces.

At Vollé, you will find exquisite, high quality earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and brooches in a variety of styles. Our QVB boutique opens Mondays thru Fridays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM; we are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

QVB Boutique

How to Reach Vollé Jewellery’s QVB Showroom

To reach our QVB Showroom, follow these detailed directions with famous landmarks as the points of origin.

From: The Royal Botanics Garden (Walking)

Arrive at our Queen Victoria Building (QVB) showroom in 15-20 minutes by walking through Hyde Park.

  • From the Prince Albert Road exit of the garden, cross both Prince Albert Road and College Street to arrive at the northeast end of Hyde Park.
  • Head west across the park past the large Archibald Fountain towards the Metro St James Café within the park. You’ll arrive at the intersection of Elizabeth Street and Market Street.
  • Cross Elizabeth Street and stay on the South side of Market Street.
  • Walk west 300m on Market Street toward George Street.
  • Turn left on George Street and the Queen Victoria Building will be on the opposite side of George St.
  • Enter the QVB and head up to level 1, we are shop #11.
From: Sydney Harbour Bridge (Via Car)
  • Reach Vollé Jewellery’s QVB Showroom in 6 minutes (without traffic) by driving through Sydney Harbour Bridge and York St (2.5 km).
  • Head southwest on Sydney Harbour Bridge (Toll road, 1.4 km)
  • Take the York Street exit toward City Centre (Toll road, 220 m)
  • Continue onto York St the QVB is at the corner of York St and Market St.
  • At the corner of York Street and Market Street you will see large signs indicating parking for the QVB underground on York St. This is the easiest spot to park.
From: Sydney Harbour Bridge (Via Car)

Reach our QVB Showroom in 6 minutes via King Street (2.1 km).

  • From the Harbourside Parking (Wilson Parking) Garage, turn right onto Murray St then take the first left onto Bunn Street.
  • At the end of Bunn Street take a left onto Pyrmont Street and follow ramp towards the City.
  • Take the King St Exit to the right towards York St.
  • Turn Right onto York Street and you’ll find the QVB parking (underground) at the corner of York St and Market St.