5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Pearl Jewellery Need Restringing

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20 Aug 2014 | No Comments

Check your jewellery box and take a closer look at your favourite set of authentic pearl jewellery. Are they still as lustrous and pretty after all these years? Do you still feel confident wearing them to formal events?

If you think your pearl necklaces or bracelets are not as loveable as they used to be, it’s time to bring them to your trusted jeweller. Renew their beauty and make them last longer—have them restrung.

Here are five tell-tale signs your pearl jewellery need restringing:

  • Dirty knots

    Silk thread is the best material for stringing delicate gems. Silk is soft and gentle and it doesn’t cause damage to pearls even after years of usage. But silk absorbs body moisture, oil and dirt. Don’t wait for the string to get extremely dirty. Have it replaced with a new one.

  • Gaps

    Since silk stretches over time, you may start noticing clear gaps in between pearls. Your bracelet or necklace may also feel lengthier than usual. These could be signs of imminent breakage. Don’t wait for the thread to break. Visit a reliable pearl and opal store in Sydney or in your locality and have your precious bracelet or necklace restrung.

  • Frayed knots

    Since pearls may rub against them, knots get frayed in time. Frayed knots precede string breakage. Let a reliable and experienced jeweller address this issue immediately before all your pearls break loose and you end up losing them.

  • Chipped and broken pearls

    Other than replacing the string of your necklace or bracelet, scratched and broken pearls must also be replaced. To retain the beauty and consistency of the whole piece, ask your jeweller to replace chipped gems with those of similar size and shape.

  • Defective clasp

    Once the clasp becomes hard to manoeuvre or gets broken, have it fixed at once. A broken clasp will affect the integrity of the entire piece. The area where the clasp attaches to the string is crucial since this is the point where the thread easily weakens. Make sure you approach a reliable and adept jeweller to fix this problem.

If you think your precious pearl sets need some pampering, take them on a trip to your trusted jewellery store and have them professionally cleaned and restrung, ready to be worn for one of your upcoming events.

Here at Volle Jewellery, our expert and experienced jewellers in Sydney will help bring back the grace and elegance to your prized gems. We also offer a wide array of genuine and sophisticated women’s and men’s jewellery to suit your taste and style.

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