A Man’s Guide to Wearing Jewellery

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29 Jul 2014 | No Comments

Jewellery makes such a strong statement that sometimes people judge others by the jewellery they wear. For some men, this can be a big reason to think twice about wearing it; they often don’t know what, how much and when to wear it. They’re afraid of being judged by making any of these mistakes.

But there is really nothing to fear. Here at Volle Jewellery, we’ll give you a few pointers on how to wear men’s jewellery appropriately.

Match the Same Type of Metals

Gold, silver, and bronze metals should be worn separately and not all at the same time. Precious stones should not be mixed with other types of metals as well. If you have a gold watch for instance, your ring, necklace and cuff links should also be gold. Take note that there are different types of gold so make sure these go well together.

There are certain pieces though, that can be mixed with others of a different kind. These are the exceptions: the wedding ring, and heirloom pieces. These stand out on their own and don’t need to strictly match with the rest.

Wear Pieces According to the Place and Occasion

You don’t wear cargo pants to a formal job interview; you wear a business suit appropriate for the position you’re applying for. It’s the same with jewellery. If you’re attending a black tie party, wearing your dog tag or skull ring is definitely not a great idea. Precious stones are best with elegant suits.

Pick Pieces That Match Your Clothes

Even if there’s no specific event or occasion to dress for, it’s still a good idea to match your accessories with the clothes you’re wearing.

Find Pieces That Match Your Style

Every piece of jewellery you wear sends out a specific message or signal to those around you. Discover the image that best represents you and from there, know which pieces to wear to exude this image and complete your look. For successful businessmen who want to look professional and polished, steer clear from accessories with spikes, skulls and inappropriate designs. Stick to classy pieces.

Keep it Simple

The best advice we can give you is to keep it simple. Don’t go overboard and remember that less is more. Even just one great piece can enhance your look and show off your personal style. Avoid wearing all your accessories at once just to make a statement.

Stick to these basic tips to avoid making a mistake when choosing and wearing men’s jewellery. If you want to follow your own rules in mixing and matching, these smart tips will help you create your personal style as well. After all, jewellery was created to show off a person’s sense of style and unique character.

Here at Volle Jewellery, we offer an impressive selection for the modern man. Our men’s collection consists of unique Australian gems and metals, formed in simple yet elegant designs. We also offer pearl jewellery and the most sought after argyle pink diamond for our female clientele. Contact us now to know more about our exquisite pieces.

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