Evolving Fashion Trends In Australia and the Art of Mix and Match

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16 Jul 2020 | No Comments

Aussie fashion has been recognized globally thanks to standout clothing lines and personalised jewellery for men that have been innovating over the years. From quirky sunhats to the classic longs socks and safari suit, Aussie fashion has made its way to the global fashion industry with its own distinct style. Of course, what complements every Australian fashion statement is personalised jewellery for men that show the class and pizzazz of every successful Aussie man.

Pre-Colonial Fashion

Before the dawn of the Victorian era, the aboriginal people of Australia were described as warriors that were naked or wrapped in loin cloth. However, in colder climates, our ancestors wore cloaks and waist coverings to keep them warm. The cloaks were generally made of animal skin, the skins were not tanned, but they were decorated before they were worn. The clock varies from different regions and we still see some resemblance to pre-colonial fashion until today.

Colonial Fashion

The 1780s to the 1950s marked the colonial period which pretty much took replaced the primitive look into something more distinguished according to social class. Middle class men in the Victorian era have a formal look wearing top hats and day suits. The working class men also dressed in such a way that fits their occupation. The bushranger and larrikins look which entailed wearing high-heeled boots, short jackets and bell bottom trousers, also significant to Australian fashion history marked with personalised jewellery for men including sleek rings with gemstones and cufflinks.

Contemporary Fashion

As fashion brands and designers began in the late 1900s, the Australian fashion industry has nothing short of its own unique sense of style wearing elegant pieces that describe their personality best. However the fashion trend that’s been disrupting this season is the loose and comfy style as a way of adapting to the pandemic. It doesn’t mean we’ll be ditching the personalised jewellery for men though. Subtle signature jewellery are the marks of what makes every man unique; it’s like part of who they are and what complements their outfit, Agree?

2020 Fashion Trends

We’re at the last quarter of 2020 and we still believe that brighter days are coming. Literally though, spring is around the corner and it’s time to shift to a cheerful look. Take a look at some of these trending outfits in style paired with the latest personalised jewellery for men.

Monochromatic Suits with Precious Opal and Pearl Cufflinks

Don’t you get tired of wearing black all the time? I’m  sure you do, and luckily this spring, when you have a board meeting online or offline you or a social-distanced event to go to or even as simple as going out on a fine dining date, monochromatic suits are a way to add flair to your outfit without trying hard to show off. Break that bland look by accessorising with opal or pearl cufflinks personalised by Volle that is sure to last a lifetime!

Shirtless Suits

If it’s starting to get hot with an inner top on spring, good news because shirtless suits are in. Likewise, you can wear this smart casual fashion with opal rings that add glamour to your hand movements. This personalised jewellery for men keeps you looking like a pro even when pulling off a stylish and out-of-the-ordinary style of wearing your suit.

Vest with Argyle Pink Diamond Brooches

Add a touch of elegance to your vest with Argyle pink diamond brooches that make your everyday vest a charming outfit of the day. Best part about Volle brooches is that you can customise it to the design that you like.

Minimalist Leather Jackets and Tie-Dyes with Opal Necklaces

Motorcycle jackets are nice but this year, minimalist leather jackets are in. pair them with a tie-dye top or a neutral white top and an opal necklace from Volle, and you’ll definitely look like a Tom Cruise on wheels wherever you go.

So what are you best 2020 fashion picks?

Whatever it may be, don’t forget to accessorise with your own personalised jewellery for men by Volle. Call 02 9269 0898 for the latest jewellery designs.

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