Pick the Rarest and Most Captivating Pink Diamonds In Sydney

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Home to the world’s rarest and premium-grade pink Argyle diamonds, the Pink Diamond Mine in East Kimberley Region in Australia has the largest pink diamond reserve which is already closed because of low supply. However, there is still hope for thousands of seekers of pink diamonds in Sydney because Vollé Jewellery has crafted the finest quality of Argyle pink diamonds into an elegant and intricate masterpiece.

Authentic, Australian Made Masterpieces

True pink diamonds in Sydney are a rare find these days, yet Vollé Jewellery gives you an easy find with its range of authentic pink diamonds designed for your loved ones to treasure forever. Owned and operated by an Australian family business, Vollé Jewellery delivers nothing but authentic pink diamonds carefully curated with international jewellery making standards. Not only can you expect world-class design, but the highest customer service standards delivered as well.

Sought-after Style Sold at Different Price Points

Everything else fades yet the beauty of pink diamonds is for a lifetime. Vollé Jewellery pink Argyle diamonds illuminate a variety of pink hues including Pink, Purplish Pink and Orangey Pink. The more intense, deeper and vivid the colour is, the rarer and more valuable is the diamond. The pink Argyle diamonds are graded as Fancy Light, through Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep, Fancy Vivid and Fancy Red.

Stylish pink argyle diamond accessories ranging from bracelets, pendants, rings and even loose pink diamonds are sold at different price points and fitting to every occasion.

A Worthy Portable Investment

Pink diamonds in Sydney are 20 times more valuable than white diamonds. Pink diamonds prices increase their value every year by up to 20%. Aside from this, diamonds are a source of portable wealth, making it an asset to every individual that possesses it. 

Pink diamonds have also been sold in auction houses, doubling or even tripling its value than when it’s first bought, and are also passed on as heirlooms in the family. Apart from this, pink argyle diamonds also require less maintenance and occasional cleaning, so you can treasure its beauty without much effort.

Give yourself and your loved one a one of a kind gift that grows in value overtime. Share the exquisite pleasure of wearing pink diamonds in Sydney by contacting Vollé Jewellery at 02 9269 0898. You may also visit Vollé Jewellery online or in their stores in Sydney and QVB.

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