Gemstones: Beyond Beauty and Luxury

In Pearl Jewellery
22 Jul 2014 | No Comments

Do you adore precious stones? Are you an avid collector of these wonderful treasures?

Indeed, gems like argyle pink diamond and Australian opal are absolutely stunning and make such fine accessories. They are often associated with luxury and class. However, there is more to these stones than their aesthetic beauty.

In the ancient times, gemstones were highly treasured not only for their beauty but also for the powers they possess. Their powers can be of varying degrees and are beneficial to the wearers. They are also believed to give off cosmic energies and vibrations that can influence one’s whole being.

Are you currently looking for jewellery? There are many different kinds of gems nowadays, ranging from precious to semi-precious stones. But which one is most beneficial to use? Read on to get the low-down on some of the most popular gemstones.


      This valuable gemstone is popularly used in engagement rings for good reason it enhances love and bonds relationships. A diamond also brings clarity to the mind and blocks negativity. This stone gives hope and courage to the wearer. It is said that diamonds can help with cough and draws toxins from the body. Furthermore, it supplements the energy of other stones, specifically amethyst and emerald.


      This is a creativity stone, which is useful for artists and writers. It encourages the flow of creative juices and enhances imagination. Opal also amplifies thoughts and personal traits. It is good for communication as it helps the wearer express thoughts and feelings to others. Additionally, opal is known to relieve fatigue, help purify blood and aid memory.


      This stone is a historic symbol of innocence and purity. It helps clear one’s mind to obtain spiritual guidance. This amplifies meditation skills and alleviates emotional imbalances. Pearl is known as the Stone of Health and has been used to treat conditions of the muscular system and digestive tract. It is known to help with fertility and childbirth as well.

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