Why Pearls Make the Perfect Choice for Any Birthday

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Pearls have famously been given as gifts throughout the ages. Perhaps the most famous of all gifted pearls was La Peregrina, found off the Panama coast in the 16th century and presented to Queen Mary of Spain by her new husband, King Phillip II of Spain. After changing hands many times throughout the years, the same exquisite pearl was later famously presented to Elizabeth Taylor by her husband Richard Burton.


Whether you’re thinking about presenting your spouse or family member with a flawless pearl pendant, pearl earrings or pearl necklace in Sydney, here are our four big reasons that pearls are the perfect gift for any birthday.

Pearls complement any wearer

From a pair of dainty baroque pearl studs to a statement pearl necklace, these luminescent orbs from the sea will complement all ages and skin tones. They light up creamy pale skin, glow gently against darker skin, and provide a beautiful aesthetic with all hair colors and styles. From when you’re 17 to when you’re 73, pearls are an accessory for life.

The more they’re worn, the more beautiful they get

Because pearls are an organic gemstone and absorb moisture from your skin, they actually give off their best lustre when they are worn regularly. This is all the more reason to gift an exquisite string pearl necklace or pendant to be enjoyed and admired on a daily or weekly basis.


They can be worn with anything

Jackie Kennedy famously said that pearls are always appropriate, and we couldn’t agree more. There are few pieces of jewellery as versatile as a pearl necklace or set of perfect pearl studs. You could pair your pearls with a dressed down T-shirt and jeans, or with a stunning evening gown for a black-tie function.


There’s something to suit any style

There is a myriad of options for pearl jewelry in Sydney, from the simple and elegant to the extravagant and priceless. Your loved one might adore diamonds and pearls together, or be dreaming of a uniquely Australian South Sea pearl and opal combination. From the minimal to the elaborate, there really is a pearl setting for everyone.


If you’re looking for pearls in Sydney, there’s one place you’ll find the highest quality and best selection. Vollé Jewellery offers an exceptional range of pearl pendants, pearl strands and pearl earrings in the Sydney CBD. Visit our flagship store at 149 York Street (corner with Druitt street) or our QVB Boutique in level 1 QVB Building, both in Sydney to view our complete range.   

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