The Significance and Symbolism of Pink Diamonds

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Just like flowers and anniversary gifts, different fancy coloured diamonds hold a great deal of symbolism. Instead of saying it with roses, why not say it forever with a diamond? We take a look at the significance and of buying your loved one an Australian pink diamond ring or pink diamond jewellery.


A pink diamond holds great value

Pink diamonds, which are predominantly sourced from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors all over the world. In the same way that great kings and emperors of history have built monuments and cities to the women in their lives, securing a pink diamond engagement or wedding ring signifies how highly you value your partner and your relationship. Choosing a distinctive pink diamond for your ring design really does tell them that you see them as one of a kind. The higher purchase price of a pink diamond also signifies a long-term investment that is predicted to grow by an astonishing rate over time, as the Argyle supply falls and rarity increases.


So what do pink diamonds symbolise?

While the colour pink represents femininity, romance and tenderness, pink diamonds themselves exude the qualities of love, creativity and romance. There’s also a touch of mystery and intrigue about the rosy gemstone, because the exact reason for the pink colour is not completely known. This fact only adds to the enigmatic allure of these highly coveted diamonds.


Choosing pink diamonds for your jewellery piece

Owing to the scarcity and value of pink diamonds, selecting the right one can take some time. These sparkling diamonds are generally valued more for their colour grading rather than their clarity and vary greatly in colour range, from purplish pink ranging through pink, pink rose and pink champagne to red. Perhaps you prefer the subtle blush of a pink champagne diamond, or the glowing warmth of a deeper purplish pink. No matter what you choose, your loved one is guaranteed to be delighted.


When choosing from loose stones for a custom engagement or wedding ring design, you’ll want to choose an Australian pink diamond or diamonds that suit the style of the final piece. Fortunately, the warm hue of a pink diamond goes perfectly with white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, and pairs beautifully with white and other fancy coloured diamonds.


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