Perfect Jewellery Gift Ideas for Milestone Anniversaries

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If you have a milestone anniversary coming up, you’ll be looking for a meaningful and memorable present for your loved one. There are traditional, modern and gemstones-specific variations on the anniversary gift-giving list that provide a variety of jewellery options too choose from. Of course, don’t be afraid to bend the rules if you find the perfect piece – we’re sure your husband or wife won’t mind when they open the box to gorgeous diamonds, pearls or opals no matter the year…


Choose silver jewellery for 5, 16, 23 or 25 years together

Silver is the official 25 year or jubilee celebration gift, although the 5th, 16th and 23rd anniversaries all call for variations on silver too. Truth be told, we see no reason you couldn’t upgrade to white gold for any of these celebrations, showing your devotion with a stunning pink diamond ring, pendant or set of earrings.


Select pearl jewellery for 30 years together

While pearl is the traditional gift for 30 year anniversaries, you can make a great impression for your first anniversary by interpreting mother of pearl to mean a stunning set of pearl earrings from Sydney! We source luminous Australian White South Sea pearls, Black Tahitian Pearls, Gold South Sea Pearls, Akoya pearls and distinctive specimens from around the world to incorporate into our pearl rings, earrings, pendants, strands and bracelets.


Indulge in gold jewellery for 14, 50 or 75 years together

Your 50 year anniversary is the year to really go all out on gold jewellery, although we don’t see any reason to limit this as modern lists also recommend it for the 14th anniversary. Choose from white gold, yellow gold or rose gold to suit your partner’s style, with a design incorporating fancy coloured diamonds or a single Australian pearl for a gift that will never be forgotten.


Find the perfect diamond jewellery for 10, 30 or 60 years together

Diamonds are the traditional gift for 60 year celebrations, modelled on Queen Victoria’s Diamond Anniversary, although more modern lists encourage you to shower your love with diamonds for your 10th and 30th anniversaries too. Our tip is to pick a simple and timeless diamond pendant or ring, either in scintillating white diamonds or coveted Argyle pink diamonds.


Treat your love to opal jewellery for 14 or 24 years together

If you’ve been together for 14 or even 24 years you can treat your partner to some stunning opal jewellery, and in Sydney there’s no better place to find an exceptional piece than with Vollé Jewellery. For men we have rings and pendants with dark and enigmatic black opals from Lightning Ridge and boulder Opals from Queensland, while for the lady in your life we have exquisite pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings and more featuring Australia’s most beautiful opals and pearls.


The team at Vollé Jewellery would be delighted to help you find the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one. Visit our flagship store at 149 York Street (corner of Druitt street) in Sydney to view our entire selection of gold, silver, opals, diamonds and pearls in exquisite jewellery.

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