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Taking care of Pearls

Caring For Your Pearls

Wearing your Pearls is the best way to enhance their beauty, as Pearls are lubricated with oils from your own skin. However, you must bear in mind that Pearls are produced by a living organism; they contain calcareous crystals that are sensitive to chemicals and acids. They also contain water and protein, thus requiring staying in the open air.

Some practical advice for looking after your Pearls:

  1. Never use ultrasonic, steam cleaners, detergents, baking soda, bleaches or any ammonia-based cleansers.
  2. Avoid wearing Pearl Strands when the string is wet, because it attracts dirt that is hard to remove.
  3. Apply perfume before wearing any Pearl jewellery.
  4. Keep away from using toothbrush, scouring pad or abrasive materials to clean Pearls, as they can get scratched easily.
  5. Avoid commercial jewellery cleaners, unless they are specifically made for Pearls.
  6. Avoid storing Pearls in plain boxes, or where the air is too dry or hot. Never wrap them in cotton or wool.
  7. Keep and store Pearls separately from other jewellery to avoid scratching.
  8. Take Pearl rings and bracelets off before doing any washing, swimming, gardening or doing housework. Pearls like clean water, but excessive moisture can make settings loose, particularly Pearl rings.
  9. After wearing Pearls, make a habit of rinsing and drying them with a soft cloth which may be dry or damp. You may even polish them with cloth containing a drop of olive oil so that they maintain their lustre and do not dry out.
  10. When taking off a Pearl ring, grasp the shank or metal part rather that the Pearl itself.
  11. If Pearls are very dirty, they can be cleaned by your Jeweller. Pay attention to the areas around the drill holes where dirt may have collected.
  12. Once a year have a Jeweller verify that the Pearls on your jewellery are securely mounted or that the string is still strong.

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