The Reason Behind Mysterious Colour Changes of Your Opal Pendant

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15 Jan 2021 | No Comments

Have you recently bought an opal pendant from Vollé Jewellery? If you did, you have probably noticed your opal pendant changing colour. No reason to worry because that’s normal among these unique gemstones.

Opals can reflect rainbow colours in a dazzling pattern. Their movement across the stone or the colour play is equalling captivating.

Why do opals change in colour? Get to know the reasons behind this magical colour change in your opal pendant and other opal jewellery collection.

Chemical Composition

Opals contain a large amount of water, your opal pendant can have up to 20% water, in addition to its quartz crystal. This makes opal relatively brittle because of the lower hardness. Its water composition is also such a distinct property that causes opals to change in colour.

Heat, humidity, sweat and contact in water can make the amount of water in opals fluctuate. When this happens or when your opal pendant loses or gains water, its colour changes. The subtle change can make opals more gorgeous with the new colour flashes, but extra care must be given so as not to excessively change their water composition. Your opal pendant still needs a balance of different elements to maintain its natural beauty. Although it’s interesting, colour changes due to change in humidity among beautiful opals can potentially remove their play of colour.

Light Diffraction

The silica spheres in the internal structures of opal can diffract light. Such an ability to scatter light is attributed to the differing arrangements of the silica particles and the gaps between them. Light diffraction breaks up light into its individual colours; it works like a prism. This diffraction is the known play of colour in opals that makes them attractive as a gemstone. When this capability to diffract light is absent in an opal, that opal is called a common opal or potch which does not have investment value.

Another interesting fact about light diffraction in your opal pendant is that the size of its silica spheres can influence the colour it produces. Larger spheres bring out oranges and reds, while smaller ones result in blues and violets. When the size of the spheres is uniform, an opal displays a more brilliant, intense and defined colour.

Caring For Your Opal Pendant

Colour change is desirable, but never forget to give your opal pendant the proper care it needs.

Consider the following tips for your opal jewellery:

  1. Keep them in a sealed container to regulate humidity.
  2. Take them off when showering, swimming or simply washing hands.
  3. Never expose them to either too much bright light or extreme darkness.
  4. Do not use chemical cleaners on them, only dampened soft cloth.

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