Spoil Mum This Year With Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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01 May 2019 | No Comments

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about how you can show mum that you appreciate her! Stunning pieces of jewellery are a classic and elegant gift that any mother would love. If you’re struggling to choose, we’ve put together this handy list of the perfect piece for every type of mum.


For the mum with retro style

opal pendant

If your mum is a stylish lady with colour clothing that evokes an Art Deco feel, then she will absolutely love this opal pendant. Set in bright and beautiful gold, this shimmering black opal is the perfect statement piece to complete any outfit.


The mum who loves to garden

 loves to garden

Some mums just seem to have a natural green thumb, with roses and herbs flowering at their fingertips. If your mum loves spending her days pottering around in the garden, then she will absolutely adore this opal brooch. Shaped like a freshly picked rose, this black opal is lovingly detailed with white diamonds and contrasting gold stem, letting mum take a bit of Mother Nature with her wherever she goes.



For the mum who’s a minimalist

pearl ring

You can’t go past the elegant simplicity of a pearl, making it perfect for the modern mum who has a minimalist style. If your mum isn’t afraid to embrace something a bit more avant-garde, she will be rapt with this very sleek pearl ring. Topped with a single white pearl, the unique geometric design will definitely have heads turning.


For the mum who enjoys the finer things in life

 pink diamond earrings

What do you get the woman who has everything? Diamonds of course! If your mum appreciates the finer things in life, then this exquisite pair of pink diamond earrings will definitely win her over. This piece is simple and refined, conveying timeless and impeccable taste, and your mum will definitely be the envy of all her friends!


For the sporty mum

boulder opal bangle

For the mum who’s always on the go, why not choose something beautiful yet practical like this boulder opal bangle? If your mum loves working out, heading to the gym, or just seems to always be rushing around, this refined piece of jewellery will suit her busy lifestyle.


For the mum who is always elegant

 Black Tahitian pearl necklace

Nothing says “I love you, mum” quite like a string of pearls. For the mum who always seems to be elegant and well put together (despite all the chaos in the household), this Black Tahitian pearl necklace will show her that she really is a queen.


For the mum who loves to take care of the entire family

Opal ring

Want to say thank you from the entire family? Why not take a look at this gorgeous opal ring? The centre opal is circled by a variety of colourful and unique gemstones, which you could customise to be the birthstone of each person in your family. This can serve as a beautiful reminder to your mum that she always surrounded by those she loves, no matter where she goes.


Need inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts? Get in touch with the team at Volle and we’ll help you pick out the perfect piece!

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